Saturday, November 26, 2011

Savoy Faire

Gail from Savoy Faire is a Freelance Designer and is currently creating like the Mad Hatter deep in her Wonderland fantasy land! Fabric and trims flying everywhere with much laughter and music. She sometimes venturse out (barefoot of course) into her Secret Garden among the flowers and vegetables where it's green and lush to sip some cold tea. But only after she's happily exhausted from creating all day.

In winter Gail creates in her bohemian parlor style studio up among the treetops, sun filled garden room full of palms and vines as well as shabby chic, cottage studio.

Beautiful designs with unfinished/tattered edges and hems along with seams showing is typical in so many of Gail's fiber/fabric creations and the Savoy Faire "look".

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